Aerosuit RP 2.0 RR Mesh Stratos SS Women
  • Tailored for maximum aerodynamics and performance
  • Specifically developed for racing hot and humit climates
  • Airmesh main torso fabric, Stratos main short fabric
  • Airstripe seamless aero sleeves
  •  Full YKK zipper with zip garage
  • Wide powerband leg grippers
  • Women Specific Cut

Is this the fastest road race suit in the world? We think so. Results say so.


2 years in our range, constantly in development, for sale for everybody. Our Race Proven Road Race Suit is one of the cornerstones of our Team product lineup.

The short part is made of Stratos, a lightweight, breathable, UV protective and water repellent fabric, in combination with an Airmesh back panel. For extra wearing comfort and a good, irritation-free fit round the legs, we‘ve used a a widegrip powerband leg gripper. 

The sleeves are made of our renowned Airstripe fabric. Since we started using it in our suits, lots of our competitors are implementing it in certain parts of their clothing. What makes us different is our expertise in cutting and placing it in a way that makes you faster. Want proof? Ask Tony, Marianne, Tom, Greg, Philippe, Anna and others.

The suit features an Airmesh back and front torso panel that provides extra cooling in hot and humid circumstances.

This is the ideal road race suit in tropical climates. Need proof? This is the suit that Anna rode to victory in Rio. 

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