Bibshort Race Proven 2.0 Stratos

Corte aerodinámico
Tejido principal de Lycra Stratos/Aquaracer
Con pechera ajustable Netz y un bolsillo trasero para dispositivos electrónicos
Una sujeción elástica amplia para la pierna, cosida en el extremo del pantalón, hace que se mantenga cómodamente en su sitio.
100 % personalizable

Under the motto "designed to function", Bioracer used feedback from their panel of pro-cyclists to design their new high-end bib shorts, apparel of which scores plus points from being incredibly lightweight, incredibly comfortable and excellent at wicking away sweat. The motto also gives a sense of direction: with a clear idea of the apparel’s characteristics and how it is supposed to function, product developers went to the drawing board to design and develop the Stratos Bibshorts from scratch. 

Material: Aquaracer – 40% lighter 

During development, Aquaracer was used to create a short that is 40% lighter than a conventional short with Lycra fabric (130 g/m2 vs. 200 g/m2), without having to compromise on opacity. This is possible through a special weaving process where each elastic polyamide fiber is woven separately with a colored polyester fiber. The extremely lightweight woven fabric is also treated with a hydrophobic coating, so it dries even faster.

Cycling pad: reduced to the essentials - 24 grams

Based on Bioracer’s Dimple Top Layer Technology developed in-house – which enables a very lightweight and breathable, yet stable pad to be made – the product designers have constructed new, minimalist padding that is second to none. It consists only of a single layer of material, which provides the necessary support for longer rides in the saddle, despite the high flexibility and the low positioning. Thanks to the slightly perforated mono-block layer, the Stratos pad is also extremely breathable. All of these properties, combined, make the padding weigh only 24 grams – that’s roughly as much as five, normal A4 sheets paper.

Construction and seams: ActiveSeams and Power Band

Even a new solution was developed for the seams, called "ActiveSeams." The individual fabric components, thus, are no longer superimposed at the edges before being stitched together, meaning the seam now remains flat, strong, flexible and stretchable in any which direction. Just as well, inside the bib shorts, there are no height differences, since the friction on the inside of the shorts has been reduced.

For the extremities of the legs, Bioracer incorporates a wide, elastic, adhesive band, i.e. the so-called power band, which does not irritate the skin and distributes the pressure more evenly, over a wider contact area. So, say goodbye to lacerations in the skin from elastic bands being too narrow.

Bioracer's Stratos Bib Shorts are minimalist cycling shorts that combine light weight with maximum comfort like no other bib shorts ever before and, thus, cater more to the demands of professionals.

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